May 14th, 2007

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8843 - Monday

I’m lauded because of my kind phone voice and general demeanor… some of the tech support folk seem to prefer the House, MD line of bedside manner. I don’t understand why some people lack the willingness to take two extra moments to play sympathetic ear to the distressed or just not feeding into the anxiety felt by others. That said, the TS here are some of the most patient and friendly I’ve ever met… I think they get most testy with problem children of the group.

Office rearrangement happening – a limited part timer has a cubby now, and I’m moving from the retired net admin to JM’s old seat… given that the new help-desker is going to plop down where I was.

There’s a liberating feeling doing the temp thing, though a lack of stability is a little jarring underneath. Wednesday, I’m checking out a gig IANA.

tiger blood shaved icedried blood! woohoo!I tried the Tiger’s Blood Shaved ice – sort of a strawberry coconut concoction. The flavor was not at all just “dumb old cherry”. When I mentioned BHK’s suspicions of such to the vendor, he exclaimed that old men took a bite, and did back flips while roaring exultations of it being the cherry of their youth. She got Sour Apple / Watermelon, which was tasty, but mine had more syrup.

No relation to this Dried blood for sale at the Hardware store. Would vampires like this?

We still haven’t watched happy feet. I’m contemplating making a copy and shooting it to netflix, just so we can get the next in our queue. I’m ready to start reading James Michener’s Chesapeake , too. It’s about 18 down on my current list after the pile of pulps and other pre-1950 lit both in paper and in electrons.

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