May 19th, 2007

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8848 - Happy 7th!

Welp, it's the 7th year of this thing, officially. I won't have started regularly, uninterrupted daily posts until August 2000, but there you go.

Had lunch with in-laws, so they've gotten us two meals in a row after last night's trip to mama lucias.

I was totally tired and fragged out for the first half of today - I took a desperately needed nap, and felt much better. Did some light housework (bhk did the bulk of the heavy lifting) - She's out now taking care of TM's kitties as I write this.

Heard from her cousin David - He and Gill are moving to Charlotte today. I wish 'em the best of luck, and hope to see more of them in the future - possibly over this summer? The've got to be closer than where they were in Salem.

Milk and Cheese figures are coming!

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