June 16th, 2007

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Bugah and Neil came over for a sleepover last night - while Neil went on a fishing trip, Boog, BHK and I all did as many summery type things we could think of on his first day off from school.

amongst the things done -

  • Trip to the boardwalk candy store to get all manner of bad things, including a pack of candy cigarettes (He knows full well how bad ciggies are, but they do have awesome powdered "smoke" and tasty gum)

  • Swimming in the pool

  • Playing tennis with Adam

  • Playing video games with me - (The Taiko drum on lost out to the donky congo bongos... a lot more of a workout, too. He's also quite adept at SSX tricky, Godzilla Destroy all Monsters melee and Rampage.) It was especially nice to smash Tokyo, London and San Fransisco with him. I'm not as big a fan of Anguirus as I thouht I might be... both of us prefer 90's 'Zilla or Megalon.

  • Birthday / Father's Day Cake cake for Neil (he qualified for both)

  • Crabbing on the dock

  • Watching the Fishing boats come in

(note to self - some cheats to unlock all the stuff for next time -

Collapse )

Newt, before and after illumination, and both boys enjoying the sun.

0614070648.jpg0614070649.jpgpye basking happily - 061707Newt Scopin' the boids - 061707

Local Artist painting a portrait of the courthouse -


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