June 23rd, 2007

danny gaming

8889 - Saturday

Danny mentioned to BHK and me stuff about people allergic to Wifi / electromagnetic fields. I suppose that it's possible, but I also feel that it's a great disease for people to latch onto and be ridiculous about - for every actual case, there will be probably half a million psychosomatic / self-diagnosed false / quack response type situations. (See Asberger Syndrome. Or Otherkin, if you want to be snarky.)

We went to AArdvark's, picked up the regular edition of Carcassone... not as good as hunter gatherers (mainly due to some terrain disputes at the end.) but Munchkin Bites! is just as good as Super Munchkin. I think it really benefits from a third player. We also picked up Witch Trial, but haven't tried it on for size yet. Pirates and Witch Trials tomorrow!

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