July 13th, 2007

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8914 - Friday the 13th!

It was beautiful, foggy morning on the way to the train station. (not my image, but cool, nonetheless). Lots of mist hanging, especially over the water.

Saw Fantastic Four - Silver Surfer after work with BHK, and it was a fun little bit of entertainment.

Cool! The DC Train maps are now on google!(via dcist)

We're not going to Salem this weekend. Instead, I think we're just going to cool our collective jets, and regroup a bit.

I've been watching season 6 of The Shield on my commute to and from work lately... and the writing is still quite good. I think the child molester subplot was a bit transparent, but aside from that, it has been interesting seeing what's going on with Vic's crew. It sounds like they're already wrapping up season seven, now, even though the sixth was supposed to be the final one.

After I whittle that one down my travel show is going to be The Riches, I think. Never did catch up with that on the Tivo upstairs, and BHK seems to have lost interest.

Positive thing about summer. Local corn. The best I've ever had, anywhere. Seriously, it's amazing.

I'm really loving the local corn crop.

By the way, to my anonymous commenter: Not everyone in the world is racist. Not everyone in the world is sexist. "All [insert skin color / gender / geographic point of origin / religious belief / sexual preference / whatever here] stick together" is untrue. Sure, there are a lot of 'em, but humans lack cooperation on that level. Not to say that *a lot* might. Special interest groups, Armies, and the like. If you could get *any* group of people of that size to really work together, the world would be a different place - and probably a scary one, since I don't tend to agree with any one group's agenda.

Atheists can cuss by taking someone else's lord's name in vain. It's not like snarling "Random Chance!" or "Darwin!" is nearly as good as Jesus Christ come to think of it... blurting "Vishnu", "Zeus" or "Zoroaster" is sort of dorky sounding too. David and Abraham are in too much usage to be any good, either. Solomon?

Maybe I'll just stick to Comic Book / Cartoon Exclamations... Merciful Rao! Sufferin' Sappho/Succotash! Leapin' Lizards! Sweet Christmas! Good Grief! Great Hera! By Crom!

I am guilty of saying "My Stars" - not due to Henry McCoy, but Samantha Stevens.

By the Vishanti is too cumbersome. Imperious Rex is just dopey. Dumber than saying Spoooon! in fact.

I do like to say Zoroaster, though. It's a fun name. Zoroaster. Say it with me, dear journal. Zoroaster. Zarathustra, in the native.

If we were to ever get a gray kitten, I'd like to name him Zoroaster. (That is not to say that we're getting a
gray kitten any time soon.)

Regarding this article about faith and democratic candidates ... I can't get the phrase "Pillory Hillary" out of my head.

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