July 14th, 2007

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8915 - Saturday

Nice restful day out and about. We took a little trip to College Park and actually drove past the heart of Looney Labs, in fact. (Saw the address in the phone book, and did a quick scan while in the area) Had we realised that the place wasn't just a house, and was actually a office up above a home, I think we might have stuck our noses inside to say hello. They're not too far off, so maybe another road trip is in the cards?

geekWe went to two comic book stores... the "Collector's Crypt" and a Liberty Books and Games - "We're a libertarian bookstore and sell comics from disorganised piles" - The stores were pretty messy... Liberty's, fortunately had a few games right by the front door, including a trusty, if dusty deck of Chrononauts - just fine, as it's wrapped in plastic (and was the primary reason we went there in the first place). Funny thing about that store was that all the libertarian stuff was neatly organized... though I suspect that was in part due to a lack of interest by the patrons. The comic books, vintage paperbacks and whatnot else were stacked more than a little haphazardly throughout the place. Standard stereotypical comic shop, not bad, but far from good - Plus was that the proprietor was more than happy to help us locate what we were looking for.

Upon leaving, we chanced upon a local Smoothie King. In comic book guy's voice - Worst Smoothies Ever. I don't know what was going on, but bleagh. The iced and blended tush-sweat from a llama... with a hint of blueberry. Something very wrong with those drinks... like picking a scab, I had to keep tasting it to figure out the worst aspect of the drink. Is it the metallic aftertaste? The vaguely compost-like banana? The brownish-color of our sludgy slurry? Oh, for a glass of water or kerosene to wash away the filth! Perhaps I exaggerate... but not by much.

At the Crypt, there was a lot of interesting stuff in a space smaller than my closet at home... however the hat-trick of:

  • no air conditioning
  • poor lighting / too dark to read covers
  • sort of creepy-skeevy proprietor

caused us to toddle out fairly swiftly. All other fears aside, no A/C in a tiny room filled with dusty books is just a recipe for a moldy sneeze fit. Crypt is indeed a good moniker for the place. Though it was disturbing that foodstuff (twist-tied bags of trail mix and malted milk balls) was stored in places that would give him some heath code violations, the proprietor (looking akin to the unshaven Spaulding Clown of House of 1000 corpses fate) was watching "Beyond Westworld" on a bootleg DVD, (it seems that the bulk of his business is out of print or third-generation gray-market copies of Japanese / Mexican Wrestler / TV pilots). BHK picked up some Andy Griffith Show trading cards to calm herself after tasting the horrid smoothies. Additionally, they carried no Treehouse /

We hit the grocer on the way home in the hopes that we can make some decent smoothies sometime tomorrow to finish counterbalancing the effects. Yogurt ahoy!

Well, enough of those parenthetical statements... perhaps I'll take a page from Ldy's writing, and incorporate footnotes. Nah.

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