July 17th, 2007


8919 Tuesday

24 generations =16,777,216 ancestors. I guess I won't be taking my family tree that far!

I'm drinking way too much soda pop and coffee type stuff. Maybe it's time to go on a Soda Sabbatical.

Crazy early morning wake up today... I had trouble getting out of bed again... it's too comfy cozy under the covers with the kitties and BHK.

Dear Fox news. You've confirmed my thoughts about you again and again, but this is totally ridiculous. (via ecto - warning, justifiably foul language in the text) - Fox news making a claim that Fred Rogers was evil. Not as a joke, or ironically. Fox news should recognise evil... it sees it in the mirror every day. Reporting like that is beyond just evil.. they live in a world of lies and madness.

From the link -
It’s a disgusting, vile little piece and it’s very likely that you won’t be able to get through all of it. To summarize. Fox News’ argument for Mr. Rogers being “evil” goes like this: he told two entire generations of children that they were “special just the way they are.” Then, in what can only be described as a despicable lie, the Fox News anchors claim that that’s precisely where Mr. Rogers left off. He never taught children anything except to merely exist in a static state of selfish self-entitlement. And that’s why my entire generation is comprised entirely of rapists, murderers, welfare recipients and drug addicts.

There are a lot of reasons to be offended by this, but the biggest reason is that Fred Rogers was the kindest, most inspiring and most loving man to have lived in the last 100 years. His love for children and his passion for their education and well-being were absolute and unhypocritical. Watch this clip from Mr. Rogers’ testimony to the US Senate in 1969 to increase funding for PBS. If you disagree with Mr. Rogers politically, that’s okay, but there is no mistaking the sincerity of his passion for child development.

In other news, millions of years ago there were human-sized penguins.

Giant penguins. Is there anything not awesome about the phrase "giant penguins"?

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