July 31st, 2007

hulk pye newt - hulk smashy redone by bh

8933 - tuesday


This Friday is the day.

The idea is to post a public post on Friday with the words "Friendship Amnesty Day" in the title. The reasoning behind it is that we've all had friendships that either blew up, or faded away, and this is a chance, providing everyone is willing to participate, to leave the door open to clear the air and let go of the past.

It doesn't mean adding everyone you ever knew back, but it does mean getting rid of any bad feelings / regrets, and spreading a little good cheer around the LJ 'verse. The creator means livejournal, but I'm going to extend it across the borders of the internet and beyond. There's nothing wrong with the concept in any media.

I finished yesterday's entry and forgot to mention that we had a yummy dinner of grape nuts, toast and honey (or jam for BHK), and corn on the cob while we watched Good Eats, Ace of Cakes, and the first 10 minutes of our as yet unwatched last two episodes of Dresden Files. It sounds odd, I guess, but it worked, and gave me quite a happily full tummy. We tucked in for sleeps right about 10:30.

Tonight's Supper was SUPER YUMMO! Chicken-fried tofu, pearl and honey corn on the cob, kraft dinner mac and cheese, fresh rolls, home-made pickles, smoky black-eyed peas (field peas?) with snap beans in 'em, and finished with a special edition elvis banana & peanut butter reeses cup!

I feel sooooo full. And southern. my tummy is happy.

DSCN5900 DSCN5899 DSCN5897 DSCN5896

Ameliarose reminded me to check out artomat - there's a machine nearby that I want to check out. Perhaps that's another road trip with BHK - hit a few of 'em?

Discovered Scribd today, while searching for some solid online documentation. Side effect was locating a number of copies of The Shadow, by Maxwell Grant, and old Dragon Magazines. Nice aspects are that you can download 'em as pdf, word, or plain text for off site use, or embed 'em on the web, much like a Google video. There has got to be some sort of copyright issues going on, but I'm not sure what / where they begin and end.

Project Gutenberg has a large number of stories free of copyright issues. I got to talking to graypumpkin about gaming and my living in the DC area now, and I got to thinking that a Colonial times / Horror / Illuminati-type game would be fun... maybe a prequel to National Treasure and it's coming sequel ? Maybe I can put this book of Freemason symbolism to use... or at least another reason to visit the George Washington Masonic National Memorial.

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