August 4th, 2007

Kind lady

8937 - Saturday

After work yesterday we hit Aardvark to pick up some Icehouse pieces.We were in some serious luck, as he gave a ton to us at a very high discount. We got 2 monochrome stashes of Red, 2 of Blue, a Clear, a Yellow, and an Opaque White, (5 different colors, 7 sets), a stack of freebie Ice7 cards, plus Playing with Pyramids, and The Empty City - I think we gobbled up all of his warehouse's Looney Stock. We also put in an order for Early American Chrononauts for pickup sometime next week.

Post Aardvark, it was a nibble at the In-laws for a little Chinese food , and Monk -watching. Unfortunately, it got a little hot, and my allergies started to kick up before I could watch Burn Notice (we did that tonight - with more garden veggies , crab cakes, tempura and Special Guest star Adam back from his mission work.). I'm glad insurance started 8/1 - time to hit the doc.

No real hits of friendship amnesty day... but maybe later.

Watched the "My Super Sweet 16" movie the other night, too ... I had no idea that they made a movie *based* on a reality show...I thought it'd just be semi-scripted but actual spoiled bratty girls, not a full-blown production. Things of note - A lot of the sped-up time to zip into scene and zip out... and poor Neelix and Roddy Piper star in it! Do kids today actually use Internet-chat acronyms when they talk? Actually say Oh EM Gee, or is that some MTV fuddy-duddy's idea of being cool?

Did I just say "kids today"? Criminy... I'm turning into a geezer.

Today, BHK and I put in an order for filler stashes of Orange, Purple, Black and Cyan, a pair of treehouse dice and some Martian Coasters straight from the Labs.

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