August 10th, 2007

Good place for a handout

8947 - Friday

Work is getting solid now - doing a lot of testing and validation of some programs going live. It's fun - I'm getting a chance to flex some SQL muscle on queries that can range from simple to fairly complex.

After work, Chuck E Cheese with Em and BHK - We were there for a bit... had some pizza (not too bad, really!) played some skee-ball and other ticket-type redemption games. Scored 420 tickets, and made the obligatory reference to the prize-guy behind the counter... he laughed and happily doled out her loot... A Hello Kitty coin purse, some stickers, a little pink bracelet and a cinderella magnet. Not a bad haul for doing something that was fun anyway. BHK is pretty dang good at the ol' Skee-Ball, while I'm a bit better at shooting hoops.

Hm, "Redemption Games" sounds like some sort of Tom Clancy book about a Chaplain in the Green Berets. File that for later tongue-in-cheekiness.

On our way home, we checked in with Tina's Kitties - Keiki was happy to be a little love-muffin all over Em. Chai was affectionate, too, but not all up in her business (which is how Em likes her kitties.)

keiki keezes

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