August 13th, 2007

Nothing to be gained here.

8950 - mon

So... Amazon does groceries, now? Nice idea, especially if they don't charge shipping on bills more than $25. That's good to know, in the event of some rare items going missing... I wonder if there's a way to order stuff that's very local?

I totally agree with MightyGodKing - If more history books were like Warren Ellis’ and Raulo Caceres’ Crêcy, this would not be a problem. At all.
(Warning, language.. as if I have to tell you, dear journal.)

Yesterday was a beautiful day, even though we spent the majority of it indoors. I think the weather is just about perfect for kayaking now... not too hot, but nice, clear and sunny. 88 degrees is doable - 112... not so much.

BHK and TM pulled potatoes today!

From our garden - that's a big ol' spud!
0813071232a - that's a spud!

After such a long, hot week, that was some beautiful weekend, wasn't it? And apparently, the beauty of the weekend is spilling out on to Monday morning: Karl Rove, President Bush's controversial deputy chief of staff and senior political adviser, will resign at the end of August. After he packs up his Palisades home and heads back to the Texas Hill Country, Rove will reportedly leave politics and plans to write a book about the Bush years -- do you still get to claim executive privilege when your job involves working in your slippers?

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