August 15th, 2007

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8952 - Wed

Not much to report today, dear journal... green line broke down on the way to work, but fortunately, I wasn't late, due to my habit of being one ahead (learned via broward county - same rule applies - better early than late!) Payday today! just in time considering some untimely bills snuck up on us.

Pomonkey and Ripley are at their new foster parents place today - BHK and I are sad to see 'em go, but I think our allergies really started to get kicking... pretty timely send off for 'em.

BHK made a spectacular supper of stuffed shells, garlic bread, and salad for us - the in-laws went out for their 32nd (I think) wedding anniversary, so she and I had a nice private night at home to watch cheesy movie The Covenant. Not bad in a goofy flick sort of way. Sort of a cheap hybrid of the Matrix meets the Craft.

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