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August 17th, 2007

8954 - fri

Got looked over by the doc, following yesterday's health issue - Nothing so severe as strep or a heart attack, but a really bad allergy fit. Swollen throat, trouble breathing, tightness in the chest...I was told that my heart is more than fine... it's strong as can be.

Blood pressure - 121 / 71, pulse 74

Got a 'scrip for zyrtec for the allergies, and a topical for the ongoing eczema on my neck. Thank goodness for insurance!

Thank you to everyone who gave well-wishes... they were greatly appreciated!

Bad news - my camera died.. the motor that spits out and retrieves the lens is out of whack, and I fear it's probably kaput. I'll get another eventually, but I fear that any photos will be taken with the cell phone for the immediate future - kills the resolution and spontaneity of image-taking.

Tonight we celebrated Larry's b'day by gifting him with, and then watching Wild Hogs. It was a lot better than I'd expected, though it petered out with typical Deux Ex Machina at the end. He also got the new Vine gill 4-cd set, and banana puddin', as is his fondness. Tina and Chris stuck around through our tasty veggie-dogs/veggie chili cookout - I was still feeling pretty woozy throughout, but I think I'm getting better now.

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