August 19th, 2007

Skull of fortune

8957 - psa-gaming

Judging is OPEN for the Summer 2007 Icehouse Game Design Competition, and Penguin Soccer is one of 8 entrants! Please give it (and the other games) a try, and vote for your favorites.

From the Coordinator:

Submissions are in, and we have a total of **eight** games for judging
in the Summer 2007 Ice Game Design Competition!

The following games (in alphabetical order) are open for judging
until September 17, 2007:


Martian Coaster Chaturanga

Moon Shot

Penguin Soccer



Trip Away

Zamboni Wars

Tell your friends, corner your family, break out some pyramids! Then
send your opinion on the ranking for each game you play (from best to
"least best") to this e-mail address:

Play often, vote ONCE. See the IGDC page at the wiki (first link above)
for full rules and details.Geotarget
Kind lady

8958 - archival

Slow, comfy day at the grotto. Left the house just long enough to get the mail (Car Wars Card game came in!), some Chinese food for dinner, and pineapple-orange juice for BHKs sore throat. Not sure if my trip to the ER brought back another bug, or if perhaps seeing Jimmy with his cold was transferred to her via me. I know that I've been coughing heavily after my varied journey through doctors this weekend.

We played a few games of Polarity, Early American Chrononauts - I did well in the former, while BHK performed better in the latter. We also did a little playing of War of The Roses, Hey - That's My Fish!, Mancala, Captain Kidd, China Gold, and a score of other diversions thanks to

We also got to watch The Illusionist - not bad... best viewed while playing

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