August 28th, 2007

hulk pye newt - hulk smashy redone by bh

8971 - tues

Extra-Random very rough draft entry. Read at own risk, dear journal.

Current health issues - getting corrected a little at a time

  • Allergies - need to get blood work done in top of October for shots
  • Teeth - Bridge for broken tooth, and 2 fillings. Floss, kids!
  • Back-leg ortho workup.

Monday night after our appointments, BHK, Chris, Larry and I all met at the Lebanese Taverna for Half-price Mondays... yum on the falafel!

I also got a new shirt for work at good ol' Value City - White with blue pinstripes.

Tonight after work there was a big traffic slowdown...Suitland was a parking lot, and all of i-4 was shut by police and helicopters. A cursory search online mentioned no specifics, and the traffic radio was of little detail as well. I wonder what was up? Chris speculated terrorist stuff, but there was really no hint as to what it might be at all. I made it to Tina's about 30 minutes later than usual. When I realized I wasn't going to be there by 7:15, I called and they ate ahead of me.. I got there in time to watch the last half of Gilmore Girls - BHK and Tina set tentative plans for a girls trip sometime in the near future.

This weekend, BHK and I will be taking a little day trip somewhere... maybe West Virginia to see the mountains, maybe Outpost Games, possibly both on different days.

We still haven't been back to the Compleat Strategist... I want to give 'em a second chance, but it might be a while... too many other places to go and see.

Graffiti seen when we went to the movies last weekend -

Robot of love - says hate
(he cannot be fully erased!)

0826071340.jpg - hate robot
Boy says bait?
0826071342.jpg = Bait?

That rhymes!

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