September 1st, 2007

grab a bagel and go!

8976 - sat

Rennfest was a hoot! Much larger venue than South Florida's, and more professionally done.

Highlights -
  • Kadon's Game Tent (I lost two games of Quint, and BHK picked up a deck of Fluxx 3.0) - they're the guys that make Volcano boards!
  • Hack & Slash - I got a long-sleeved Action Hero t-shirt, autographed by the guys.
  • (Good fellows and funny as all get out - They'll be there all weekends except 10/20-21)
  • Swami Yohmahmi
  • Museum of Unnatural History
  • Coin Mashing Stand... Thinking of a Hare and a Bear for either side of one.

Not to mention soft pretzels, saw assorted foods on a stick (but only ate aforementioned pretzel and a lot of water) and a beautiful wooded location.

I think I especially liked it because it was just BHK and me, having fun. No herding cats, no phone calls, nothing... just grabbed a bagel and go!

After, we hit Susquido's for white pizza, extra garlic with a Caesar salad and fried Zucchini. Yum. (Zukes were not nearly as good as BHK's homemade recipe)

assorted recent kitty cuteness


Renfest pics - taken with BHK's rapidly expiring camera.

Most from Hack & Slash
note beat rennie behind BHK and me on the bench.


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