September 2nd, 2007

Kind lady

8977 sun

Still in a Rennie sort of mood, we plopped Gamerz into the DVD player, and started with a movie. I think the film was good, but the shadowplay gaming sequences and the fact that they all had actual Scottish accents probably raised it up from three and a half to four stars out of five. I think that they fairly pegged a few of the internal workings of a game group pretty darn well - Perhaps more like EMAGE [the group with AP, RI, HI, BG, and RobbC more than the 90's group with GP, Kat, PM or alternates DougW, KathyW & DanC - with short termers of Kelly, DonM, Ed, RikL, RickC and Tony.]

HI (or now HG, I guess since she divorced RI married BG after becoming preggo with BG's kid *DRaaaahmaaaah*) -

The elf chick in the movie was a pretty entertaining blend of the more negative sides of H's flittery "look at me, I'm full of BS" and KathyW's "Look at my Character! It's me! I'm full of insanity" personality-wise. I could draw pretty solid connective lines to the others in that group, too, including myself.

Went on a fun drive hither and yon today... Went no place in particular, but discovered some new lands North and West of Baltimore. Nice time tooling around the Enchanted forest, where we took some photos (to follow later ) and I got a haircut at the Enchanted forest haircuttery... followed by a grilled cheese and pancakes for BHK and me at the Enchanted forest diner. Interesting place... I look forward to our follow up road trip to Elioak Farm, to see the refurbished elements. The food was good, but I suspect the grill hadn't been scraped since opening in 1957.

If you look carefully, you can see the sugar-cone cottage deep in the middle of kudzu forest.


We forgot to hit the DC game night - And they were playing Apples to Apples, Lunch Money and Zendo! I would really like to go to the next one, if it fits into our work / play schedule. It's a bit of a journey... Maybe 90 minutes or so - But for a Saturday of games and meeting a few new folks, it could be good!

I still need to swing by and check out the Maryland Gamers Annapolis location, too.

Swung by the in-laws and watched Hot Fuzz, and started Night at the Museum .. Bhk and I lost steam about 20 minutes into it, and headed home.

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