September 9th, 2007

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8986- sun

They set up the hay-bale spider at the pumpkin patch!!

Slept in until about 10, and then we toddled off to the Renfaire. Highlights of the day were Johnny Fox, Hack & Slash, Swami Yohmahmi, Horsemen, Bear-baiting and Witch Trial, and time at the Kadon games building again. BHK and I swapped off on taking pictures with the new camera - viewable here.

Green CanopyRenFest treesAs You Like It by Wm. ShakespeareS6300066Orc in a Cumberbund

Orc with a MohawkFOOD COURT!Kicking up some dust!Bright Colors Shiny Metal

S6300122S6300121Nail from Swami's noseSwami lies on broken glass with a man standing on him!

Swami Yomahmi Nails a nail into his head.Swami Yo walks on Glass with a piggybackerWitch trial!!Swami Yomahmi walks on GlassPink Cottage of Jewels

The ol' whipping the cigarette out of the mouth trick.Green man on the treeKing Henry and his entourageKing and GamesmistressWhip Trick with Unsuspecting Audience Victim

Henry's guys..colorful packHack and Slash as Charlie's AngelsKing Henry the 8th charms the ladies.Underwear TrickTense Moment before he lies on Bed of Nails

Ladder Climbing with Underwear around his anklesSlide Down the HillProud of his Scale MailPeeking SunNut Boy and Pretzel Dude Aggravate Sweet Nut Gal

Finest Finery

BHK got pulled into participation on two shows, as well - As Hack's Mom in the Cruel and Unusual Show, and face-spike examiner (she got to keep the spike - eww) at the Swami's. Also obtained was a Swami Yo sticker.

We looked at quite a few boardgames, but none grabbed us hard enough for an immediate purchase. I was a little disappointed in Y, (it seemed a bit limited) but Star may have some longer-term potential - maybe a bit too much like go, though. I'd say that my favorite of the wooden games so far is still Quintillions- I'm tempted to make my own set as well as purchase the original from the source. The Kadon people have some nifty plastic art/ game boards... I wouldn't mind commissioning a custom 8x8 volcano-type one with a frosted transparent bottom for playing sleestak/pylon icehouse games.

Food Sampled at the Fair by BHK and/or me -

Mac & Cheese on a stick.
BBQ Turkey on a bun (BHK only)
Deep-fried Oreos (I wonder how many days-worth of calories *that* was?)
Broccoli Cheese Soup in a bread bowl
[edit: Chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick!]
A ton of water / diet pepsi

Went right from the Rennfest to the in-laws for supper... like we could eat anything after all of that stuff... still, I managed a plate, sans seconds.

snagged from all over-

1. Whats something thats heavily weighing on your mind?
Solidification of current programming tasks overseas. taking time, doing it right.

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