October 31st, 2007

2 - zombie scotto

9042 - weds - Halloween!!

All Halloween pix can be found here

A sampling - Pye made an Excellent Halloween Cat. Newt did better once he was holed up in the bedroom -  I kept worrying that he was going to take off every time we opened the door. BHK was very cute in her orange outfit and devil horns. 


I was very curious to see how many kids would come a-knockin'... we got a ton of candy, and I'd rather some tykes got it over me! Just as well that Chris and Larry brought reinforcements candy-wise... our two huge bags weren't enough! My Favorite costume was a kid in an Optimus Prime Transformers set-up.. all hand made from cardboard boxes and tinfoil.

Tina came by after work - she didn't want to go straight home as she had no candy to give kids.

Teeth too sensitive for hot soup / cold drinks tonight... I see the dentist in 2 weeks, hopefully we can fix it.

We got our money back into our account already! I'm pretty impressed at the speed, there. I'm really glad it was recovered without a hitch, and that the fraud was discovered quickly.

Even if My Name is Earl has jumped the shark, I still like the term "Sniper Puppet!"

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I look pretty standard there - Test is here.

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