November 11th, 2007

right way

9057 - Sun

Day of rest - mostly recovered energy and played Rayman... a lot of really cute minigames in there at just the right skill level. The FPS plunger battles and music beat-keeping stuff are probably my two favorites.... the racing games are probably my most troublesome, but they are beatable.

I desperately needed the recharge. I was very drained and physically sore from lack of sleep and bending poorly.

The Check Mii Out Channel is a lot of fun... I look forward to seeing what updates bring to the party, too. BHK and I have found some really nifty Mii's - It has been a hoot trying to figure out who some of them were... Chuck Norris was the most tricky so far.

Some Scotto dislikes as opposed to yesterday's likes. I considered for a bit not posting this, but it'll be good for me to look back in a year or two and see how I feel about the same stuff. Why is it that I can write more words about complaining, but I like so many more things than I dislike? Perhaps it's simply easier to dwell on the bad, and just enjoy the good?

Something fun that is ruined by folks who over-analyze or get obsessive-compulsive about them. Gaming. Comic Books. Movie lore. Geocaching. When something stops being fun and becomes a chore... That's one of the saddest things I know. A hobby that turns into an obsession... or when someone misses the point entirely of having fun because they're too busy reaching a goal, no matter what the cost... that's just pathetic. If your D&D character dies - don't shoot yourself in the head or rend at your garments in angst... it's just a damn game. It's one thing to cry at a movie or story, and yet another to go all Misery about it. When a nice walk in the country for a geocache or a friendly game of star fleet battles turns into a Bataan Death March to get the next geocoin or explode an enemy ship... calm down. Stop for a second and just enjoy the scenery. Most of the folks that I've seen get OCD (to use the term too loosely, I'm sure) don't even enjoy themselves at that point... but the biggest sin is that they drag everyone down with them.

Tailgaters. It's worse when I'm in a car that's tailgating someone else. It sets off more than a few internal panic responses. as a car ride subset, add Folks that refuse to wear seat belts....especially If I can imagine them becoming a projectile and hurting me or my family. On the rare occasion when I'm driving and being tailgated, I'll weigh the situation - and either slow to the lowest speed allowed on the road I'm on, or pull over and let the person pass. As for seat belts, I'm a pretty bad nag about checking.

Me talking on the phone. ESPECIALLY A CELL PHONE. Unless it's someone I *REALLY, REALLY* love or am entertained by, I usually do my very best to use the telephone as little as humanly possible. Everything about it is jarring and uncomfortable to me - from the ringing, my ear getting hot, the conversations are either boring or emergencies, it's an interruption. I leftover dislike from being the on-call guy at a former job... one where lives were at stake. I am jsut now getting over the scramble for the phone instinct. even then, the call was more often from someone looking to get email rather than recover a kidnapped child.

Being taken for granted, or seeing someone else treated that way. / Treated more like an appliance than a human. I know of more than a few people that treat friends and family members as Taxicabs or Entertainment Systems rather than people. People who call on the phone and then don't say anything, expecting me to be a jukebox of conversation in their ear, because they're bored. "Dance, monkey! Dance!". Doesn't fly. Folks who don't take into regard other members of the group when they're doing something they enjoy.... like watching tv while everyone else is trying to have a conversation in the same room, or making the whole group wait while they do something trivial... "I have to put on my makeup" when they knew four days ago that ten people had to be at a meeting place at a certain time. See also, people with screaming babies in a movie theater. Don't punish the rest of the audience because your little one is unhappy. It should be common courtesy to take the little person out to the lobby. Same goes for cell-phone users in the theater... take it outside.

Being in a conversation that's really a monologue. Variation on #3 above. I understand a person's need to rant, but unless I care about them a whole lot or they're in some real pain... I don't want to hear it. I'm willing to be a shoulder to cry on... but a whine fest is something I really don't want to be a part of... especially when the whiner is a person who performs no other form of communication with me. Additionally, people who seem to be talking to me just to hear words coming out of their mouths get old pretty fast, too.

The Willfully ignorant. Different than the ignorant / unwise / unintelligent... or people with faith. I'm talking about folks unwilling to let any evidence contradict their preconceived notions. See also vincible ignorance, rather than an invincible error. additional

Polluters. (That includes smokers, noisy or otherwise smelly folks in my immediate airspace) Hm, seems to have elements of "being taken for granted" entry up there.

My physical limitations. I have a few health issues that hinder me. Bad Back/leg and allergies being the two biggest ones right now. If I could magically change one thing about myself, you can bet it would be the condition of my spine and those bits attached. There are a few things I can do to make it better, but I'll probably never have full, proper use of my left leg again, due to nerve damage resulting from a poorly done epidural a few years back.

Guilt Trips - When someone *consciously* says something to try to make you feel bad... usually to emotionally manipulate you into doing something you wouldn't normally do. When that's done to me, I tend to see red. Actually, anytime I feel like I'm being blatantly manipulated, I get pretty ticked off.

Nazis. I hate those guys.

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