November 12th, 2007


9059 - mon

Several women on the metro look like ninja / secret agents today. Black turtleneck sweaters and slacks, longish hair pulled back into a bun, small briefcase or carry-bag, and occasionally even a pair of Clark Kent style Spex.

How many La Femme Niktas / Diana Prince / Spy Girls are out there in "secret agent garb"?

Even though I don't eat it, I am still composed mostly of meat. Apparently Gordon Ramsay feels that vegetarians have no palate. I'd like to see some documentation on that. I'd think that most have a very sensitive palate, save for other flavor blockers like booze and smoking.

Dinner out tonight with in-laws, east cafe. They're pretty good... sauces are a bit sweeter, but I think that I like the way the tofu is prepared more than Panda's. After, Larry came by and fixed the commodes - no longer running past the flow line. We got a Call from Jimmy - Amanda bought him a PS3 - he'll be coming over sometime this weekend to play the simpsons game with us, and to see the Wii. I can't believe he hasn't been over since august!

We're hitting the sack early, so a brief one today, dear journal!

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