November 18th, 2007

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9066 - sun

In response to yesterday's entry about BHK's ring, some superstitions about lucky / not so lucky stone types.

Today was a nice one... we raked some leaves, the in-laws came over to do a little yard work with us... Pye came out with me on the leash for a little bit.

Not much to report, aside from the gutters are cleaner, now... and the leak isn't really a leak, but an impact from something, probably around halloween on the side of the house.

Last of the hot peppers harvested for the year - next garden is going to be even better than our first, I bet! What I thought was going to be a "vanity garden" certainly bore a huge bounty.

Once it got dark, we hit Mama Lucias for supper... veggie pizza for Chris and Me, while Larry and BHK enjoyed pepperoni.

We returned, played a little Rayman, and then hit the sack after watching our
yardwork, dinner at mamma lucias, rayman, caught up office and old eps of news radio.

Newt and Pye playing a moment on video -

Recent photos -



Some colors still turning from green to deep red in the parking lot of the Doctor's office.

honesty is everything


Cigarettes promoting honesty.
An anagram for "Honesty is" - Tiny Shoes.
An anagram for Honesty is everything - Teensy Thieving Horsy (heck, or Everyone Shits Nightly.)
If I had my druthers, I'd go back and rearrange those letters.

barnacle bikes belched from the bay -


bike2 - with flash. bay burped up another one

flash shot... you can see the green algae a lot more clearly. I wonder how long they were in there... did the bike fall off of a boat?


bike2 no flash

sans flash - I like the natural light better, but there's less detail.



Bike 2 - natural light - too blurry.


bike 1 with flash - on north beach boardwalk

flash - better, but again, not as warm.

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