November 20th, 2007


9068 - Tuesday

Got my last filling (and the broken filling repaired) last night - On our way home, The ATW man had shed his Spidey Costume, and is now preparing for winter! BHK thought he was killing a turkey, but it turns out that he's just chopping some wood.

Full size is the best way to catch any detail. I rather like the amorphous white blob the light makes... I pretend it's The Man's alien friend, blinky.


Since he didn't numb me very effectively, the anesthetic wore off in under 20 minutes. I was able to enjoy a little stuffed crust pie... and a few quepapas (tasty glorified tater tots) for a lead-in.

I'm about done with Penguin Soccer... it just doesn't stand up to 4-player, and 2-playerwise... I think that the novelty has worn off. Even with a few tweaks, it just needs more work. I'm leaning more towards Binary Homeworlds and Martian Chess as far as icehouse / pyramid games of choice stand out. A few games of Zamboni Wars might bump that into the running, too.

Game design on Pumpkin has come to a standstill... I need to pick up the pen and get back on working the crimps out of a few sticky elements. (Not to Mention Giants and Dwarfs / Brier Patch )

For a lot of Playable games (and more than a few not-so-playable ones) , is still pretty handy. I'm not doing the competition this winter, as I prefer to try and design a good game first, and then worry about what pieces are needed - rather than the other way around. Heck, you can play Martian chess with pennies, nickels and quarters if you wanted to.

Homeworlds seems a lot simpler to play in person than on superdupergames, but it is nice having the hard-coded rules keeping track of what can and can't be done.

BHK made a tasty cake for the gang's thanksgiving at work... orange cake with a cranberry drizzle on top. Yummy... vaguely reminded me of fruit loops.

Newton and Pyewacket are getting to be quite the little chums... perhaps it's due to the colder weather, but they're downright affectionate with one another these days. Newt lovingly headbutted Pye the other night - that's something totally unanticipated.

Kindle looks nifty, but $400 is way too much to spend. I'd probably totally snag it for $200, so maybe next year. I'll be very interested to see where the next version of the technology goes... but it'd be worth it for just free rss reading and wikipedia on the fly, along with whatever books I put on there myself. Throw in some basic PDA functionality, and you've got me, but good. EV-DO could work wonders, too. It reads prc files, so all of my palm ebooks would be just fine, too.

Two interesting links, especially for around thanksgiving - Sent to me by BHK Both give food to the needy by asking for a story from you or just improving your vocabulary.

Click here: Tell Story | Spread The Sharing
Click here: FreeRice

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