November 23rd, 2007

grab a bagel and go!

9071 friday!

Dinner last night was excellent... BHK and I slept a bit late this morning - just relaxed a little before heading out for a trip with Larry to take a look at the toy trains set up at the neighborhood motorcycle shop. It was pretty amazing - I'd really like to know where he stores all of his track, trains and scenery the rest of the year! I think that my favorite parts of the set were fire engines at the burning building (with real smoke), the hobo camp off to the side in one of the tunnels, or the Super Chief. Pictures to follow as they're uploaded.

After an hour or so there, we popped off to the doctor's office in the hopes of getting a jump on my weekend shots. No dice - they had the same break that I did. Tomorrow's another day, though.

As consolation, we went to Mexico for very late lunch and then poked our noses into the Festival of Trees. Quite lovely, but I didn't realize it was for Hospice... many of the trees were memorials. Given the fact that my Dad's birthday is right around the corner (I can't believe that he'd have been 62) and that my grandmother is teetering on hospice care now - that was all a bit much for me. The Tree in the middle with all the doves on it, and each one named for someone in that sort of care really cut me to the quick.

Christmas isn't supposed to be about deep, gut-level sorrow regarding loss... if anything, it should be a celebration of joy. I'd say it took me a good little while to rearrange my thoughts into the proper mindset.

That said, we did see some beautiful trees, again, pictures to follow. The craft show aspect was less than stellar, given that the good stuff (items made by hand - glass beads, ceramics, art prints, etc.) were rather crowded out by the bad. (Air filter units, Herbalife [crosses arms and spits to both sides], and prefab junk made overseas and sold on tables.)

We got a ceramic votive candle holder made by kids in the school's art department... it's lovely, and we got to meet the person who designed it. It now resides atop the TV, for mood lighting.

BHK is by far the most wonderful traveling companion a person could ever wish for. The fact that I love her so much isn't clouding my vision there in the least. She has a delightful sense of wonder and curiosity that makes everything just a little more shiny and brought into focus.

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