November 25th, 2007

Kind lady

9073 - Sunday

Relaxed all day... played Chinagold, Schotten Totten, Hazienda, and such with BHK. Caught up with episodes of House, Watched the Incredibles, ate Thanksgiving leftovers, and didn't worry too much about my pop.

A yearly thing I've been doing for a while now... Not always on his birthday.

Things about my dad at 38, as far as I remember: The Year was 1983 - Married, but signs were there that it was on the way out. Living in Boynton Beach, Florida. Had a son in High School(14), and another in the last year of elementary(10). Favorite movie in '83 was likely Vacation - I think he liked it more than Octopussy, which is what might've been my next guess. Both He and his wife were working as Real Estate agents - Residential, primarily. Financially pretty well off - not living in a mansion, but a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house in the softer 'burbs of Boynton Beach, Florida. The Family had three cars - two for showing property to clients and a bang-around one for the weekends and taking kids places. Sundays were more often spent with the family as a unit rather than everyone going separate ways - Saturday it seemed like the afternoon was for chores and then "Every man for himself." That year, we went on a shorter vacation to Orlando - Stopped for a day at Kennedy Space Center, where he was rolled around in a wheelchair most of the time due to horsing around on his youngest son's skateboard... and landing flat on his back. He always had back issues, and this didn't help matters. Despite this, he was a trooper and was rolled around both Disney and the Space center with very little by way of complaint. (I wonder what happened to my plastic shuttle with "real working cargo bay doors" that I got there?) Friends of his were: Greg at the Auto Shop (Drinking Buddy), Brother in law Bob (His sister's Husband, about 10 years his junior), Assorted Business contacts. Fond of Watching Documentaries on TV, especially Jacques Cousteau and WWII / Korea / 'Nam stuff. Slowed down hunting about this time, but still went fishing regularly with Bob and his sons. Cooking Methods preferred are the Charcoal Grill, or Gas if he was in a hurry. Fast food was generally pub or local fare... french fries and a burger. Preferred to Watch TV on the couch, but to read outdoors. Had the kids do yard work and wash the car - sometimes followed up with the trimmer or a wax job himself. Enjoyed Fast Cars, and driving them at speeds not permitted by law. Lost his spleen in an automobile accident when he was 18, and never did learn his lesson. Alcoholic Beverage of Choice was a Budweiser. Smoked an occasional pipe of tobacco, ceased to smoke cigarettes, but occasionally rolled a joint. Kept about $5,000 on hand in $100 bills in a fireproof strongbox in the closet, along with his stash. The box's lock was easily picked with a paperclip.

Some of his Strengths: Brilliant at math, History, and how things are put together, strong sense of fun and horseplay. Would walk into a pool of lava without complaining if it was for his kids. Charming, knew how to sell. Excellent at debate. Knew how to box, and how to fight dirty. A lot of upper body strength. Good teacher.

Some of his Weaknesses: Liked the Beer quite a bit, stubborn as a mule, no depth perception, sometimes a little hard of hearing (TV up *VERY* loud), Easily goaded into combat, either verbal or physical - though he rarely threw the first punch. Ruthless, and bloodthirsty when angered. Impatient if he had to repeat himself more than once. (Due to his being hard of hearing, everyone had to repeat themselves to him frequently.)

Random Celebrity Factoid: used to spar and box with Marvin Hagler at the YMCA, back in Brockton, MA in the Petronelli brothers gym, and they'd have coffee and Doughnuts afterward at the Mister Donut. This was about 1969-1970.

A comparison -

Scotto at 38: - 2007 - Happily starting the second year of his marriage, living in Maryland and working around Washington DC area. Wonderful Wife, 2 cool kitties, aged 4 and 8. (Favorite movie in '83 was Wargames, even more than Return of The Jedi.) Favorite movie this year - Possibly Hot Fuzz, or maybe Meet The Robinsons in 3D... unless I'm forgetting something. Works as a the Manager/Director of IT at a Trade Association involving the freight industry. Financially is recovering pretty well from a move and going into a new career. Living in a 2-bedroom (3, if you count the office), 2 bath home in North Beach, MD - a "bedroom community" of DC's. His family has one car, but that works pretty well, considering that he commutes by bus and train back and forth to work. Weekends are spent relaxing, doing some chores, and going on walkabout / drive-about with his wife, Both happily joined at the hip. This past years vacation was really his honeymoon trip along the East coast through a few Ripley's Believe it or Not locations, including, but not limited to Myrtle Beach through St. Augustine. Saw his first snow in over 20 years a few months ago. Still doesn't drive a vehicle, though DC traffic doesn't look to be as bad as Miami's. Recently Reconnected to A few High school cronies, but hasn't kept up too well with them, or with his ex-coworkers in Florida. Current up-close and personal friends (i.e., talk on the phone at least every other week, or visit in person) are Danny (old time gaming buddy, lives in FL), in-laws Larry & Chris (Live about 5 minutes away, and are always game to visit and hang out), and of course the aforementioned BHK and the kitties as wonderful loves, lights and companions. Doesn't do much outside the office with current coworkers - everyone seems to have their own life going on. Fond of watching science fiction / docu-science cooking shows / some sideways action-sit-coms like The Office, Chuck, Ugly Betty and so on. Cooking methods preferred are Grilling outside, or enjoying his wife's masterpieces. Fast food is ok now and then, but as a vegetarian, prefers dining out on Mexican, Chinese or Italian food to most other fare. Has had back surgery twice, second time was to repair scar tissue from the prior. Herniated disks in the back, had an nerve damage down and along the left leg. Non-smoker, doesn't do any recreational drugs. Alcoholic beverage of choice right now is Strongbow Cider, though woodchuck is good, too. Doesn't keep large sums of money on his person or in the house... ATMs and bank cards work just fine for now.

Some of His Strengths: Attacks problems from a different perspective than usual, excellent with children and animals, willing to compromise on most disagreements where it is fair, strong sense of rhythm and beat, can be very sympathetic to people / animals in need of help. Courteous. Good at debate. Reliable. Knows how to fight, if need be. Protective of loved ones.

Some of his Weaknesses: Can be moody when overtired or sick, prone to sentimentality but mercy is wildly variable depending on the situation, aggressively dislikes "practical jokes" or pop-up surprises. Memory is sometimes poor if items aren't written down. Poor runner - especially now with the back/leg issues. Messy housekeeper.

Random Celebrity Factoid: Once met Bill Daily (friend of an old employer) - nice guy, laid back, I was stunned that he was as old as he is... (mostly because before then, I'd only seen him in TV reruns). We chatted about radio stuff, primarily.

The Smithsonian requires an "Exit Clearance"... I never knew! Some interesting reading. [edit - and more here! ]

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