December 9th, 2007


9090 - sun

It seems that my curse on the most foul CompUSA is coming to fruition at last. (The whole fiasco with Compusa can be followed in the Compusa tag I have there... Started Nov. 10, 2005 - Ended March 20, 2006...over four months of limping along on lappie while big brain tried to get fixed... and that's with a Full service contract!)

CompUSA has been sold to an affiliate of restructuring firm Gordon Bros., and will close all of its retail stores.

Downside is that I have a full service contract that lasts until March of 2008... I guess that's only a few months away, anyhow. Next time, I'm building my own, or getting from a retailer I'm more happy with.

Recent doodles -

at the doctor's office - bhk reads while I get my snooze on.
watching flyboys... not a terrible movie. Not terribly accurate, either.
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Had to do some catch up work today.... BHK made baked ziti and veggies for supper with Cathy and Dave. After chow time, we played a little wii sports... Dave slaughtered me at boxing... it was like beating up a little kid. We did better at Lego star wars and Rampage.

Once we tired of digital gaming, we trotted out the analog stuff.

Apples to Apples - I won one round, and BHK won the second handily. I forget who won the third game... either BHK or Cathy.

Hey, That's My fish - I won first round by well over a dozen, BHK won the second... by one fish!

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