December 11th, 2007

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9092 - Tuesday

Maybe it's time to go back to early-morning posts. We'll see how writing on the train works for longer pieces.

Met one of the bigwigs at the company today... he's got a computer background, too. I'm hoping that will mean expressing system needs will be simpler. I think that's likely to be the case.

I am admittedly curious about what BHK is getting me for Christmas. She's dropped a few hints, all of them cryptic. Just the way I like it. It'll be fun to puzzle things out for the next couple of weeks until I can discover what they are.

Clues are :

One comes with a chopstick
One was found in our yard.
One is being co-purchased with the the in-laws.

All are stumpers. I can venture a guess or two on item 3, but they'd be pure vapor.

In the mode of BHK, I am obligated to remind my dear journal that Masterpiece Theatre is going hog wild for Jane Austen next year. Another sign that my darling wife is a girly-girl.

When I got home tonight, BHK surprised me with veggie bratwurst with caramelized onions and potato pancakes. I am a lucky, spoiled man. We watched Fido while we ate... not a bad movie, not fantastic. Interesting in parts, and I'm more than a little amazed that it got made. Billy Connelly in a "Zombie as Lassie" film struck me as odd when I first saw the trailer... apparently Lionsgate is really running with the Zombie theme if the other trailers on the same DVD are any indication. Rave of the Living Dead ? Drugs that make ravers into zombies? The remake of night of the Living dead in 3d didn't really grab me, either.

After Dinner was done, BHK gabbed with Misti for a bit on the phone... I took the opportunity to start stringing a few lights on the tree.. it's coming together nicely.

Post Movie, we played Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games. I think I was too tired to play well... after doing a little gymnastics, javelin and hammer toss, it's time for bed.

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