December 14th, 2007

2 - santa scotto

9095 - Friday

The office Christmas party was fun - BHK came with me and together we won 2nd place in the "music, trivia, pictionary, and bingo combo" games. That equals a $100 gift card. Not bad at all... after work she and I went out to get coffee with our prize, and then picked up each other a present at the bookstore.

The food was good. The cheesecake was the clear winner for me, though the crab soup was nice as well. The bar was well-stocked, but I didn't partake of any booze - diet pepsi is about my limit, especially in mixed company. BHK and I sat with Jim and his wife, Tom, Rip and Maggie. We made some assorted small talk - everything from adopting dogs to visiting nearby museums.

Pictionary went well... the center table did brilliantly.. speed was impressive at the solution for Polar Express. I guess some of the "Train on the Brain" paid off - they got it in 9 seconds. Our table got Mickey's Christmas Carol in 24.

Word scramble we couldn't work out was "fireplace". Many of the rest were pretty easy, once you yanked the word snow out of them. snowshoes, snowmobile, etc.

We have about $45 left on the card for more Christmas "found money" funzies. That was surely a welcome addition to our coffers this year. We also got a Christmas Bonus, but that got piped right into savings.

Additional purchases: not as fun, but required for continued comfort - ordered 2 pairs of sneakers. I have to get some new dress shoes, too, as my black ones are beat and the brown ones will be on the way out, soon. A pity that crocs aren't considered proper business attire. Or maybe it's just as well... slippery slope and all.. don't want folks coming to work in just thermal undies or some such comfort.

California Tortilla for dinner, and then back here to home.... discovered that my cell phone charger isn't working consistently... I'll have to hit Verizon and see if it's the charger or the phone... I hope it's the charger, because replacing phones has been a bit of a bugaboo this year.

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