December 18th, 2007

scotto monkeypulse

9099 - tuesday.

Warmer again... ice on the ground, though. Walk too close to the drainage area by the Wendy's, and you'll toboggan a good 200 feet.

Posting this again - meant to mention it was found via tarpo:

Want to visit my cute little city? ( )

Sadly, Salmagundi and Salmagundia are already taken.

F*cking programming.

via the mighty pilarcruz -

I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. (Some I know too well. You know who you are.) I read your journals, or we have something else in common and we chat occasionally. Some of you I hardly know at all. Perhaps you lurk, for whatever reason. But you friended me and I thank you for your interest in my words.

But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's so and so...they listen in rapture to the love-music of she-turnips." I might feel compelled to mock your musical taste, but I'll certainly remember you.

I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal and see what gems of knowledge appear.

Last thing of the night - BHK gave me a Christmas Prezzie early - custom converse sneaks in my favorite colors - Orange, Brown and Green... with a "SCOTTO" embroidered at the back.

See simulation - actual photos pending. I love 'em! Clicks embiggen, as aways.

shoe2 . shoe

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