December 19th, 2007

2 - crabs for christmas

9100 - wed

Hump-day. Somehow, I can't get the mental picture of dozens of Käpylehmät out of my head. Cone-cows for everyone! Color me spoiled, but I'm glad I've got a Wii, a boatload of boardgames, and BHK to play them all with! Come to think of it, maybe she'd like a pine cone duck / llama / puggle for the holidays. This doesn't look like any puggle I've seen.

That said, maybe Pye and Newt would like to play with a few pine cones.... I'll see what I can round up.

Secret Santa Day at work! I got a $20 gamestop card, a gumdrop penguin, and a candy cane! Thanks, Mystery Kringle! I suspect that'll be a hefty piece of Mario Galaxy or some other swell game.

BHK and I are just taking it easy tonight... hitting the sack early, too - just as soon as she's done on the phone with Misti. Apparently Bugah has poor faith about Santa, but they don't really talk about it. That's a bummer... hopefully the holiday spirit will still prevail.

"The Tunguska event, an explosion on June 30, 1908, cleared an 800-sq.-mi. swath of Siberian forest. Was it a UFO crash? An alien weapons test? Now, Sandia National Laboratories has released its own explanation for the Tunguska event. Using supercomputers to create a 3D simulation of the explosion, the Department of Energy-funded nuke lab has determined that Tunguska was, indeed, the explosion of a relatively small asteroid. The simulation videos are well worth checking out — they show a fireball slamming into the earth from the asteroid's air burst. The researchers caution that we should be keeping watch for many more small, potentially earth-impacting asteroids than we are currently tracking."

I Am A: Neutral Good Human Wizard/Rogue (3rd/3rd Level)
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