January 6th, 2008

keep cool

9119 - Sunday

Discombobulated and out of sorts today. Maybe I'm coming down with something? All BHK and I (mostly just me) did today was sleep and slug about.

Caught up with Alien in America... still have to polish off a few more tivo shows getting caught up due to writers strike and previously mentioned sluggishness.

Capsule TV reviews:

Alien in America - Good stuff, and got better at the end. I'm really surprised that something that has the potential to be a one-trick pony turned out as pleasant as this. I hope that they can stay on top of it, but still fear it'll lose steam.

Bionic Woman - Just isn't ringing my bell. Another case of "Buffy / Firefly" for me, maybe. I just can't get too enthused about it. Keeping it on the Tivo for when we have a rainy day and I'm willing to give the show another chance. Hasn't hit my "3 strikes" rule yet.

Chuck - (seen 2 eps including pilot) Failed so far where Alien in America has succeeded. I think it could improve once it gets some momentum.

Reaper (seen 2 eps, including pilot) - I like this more than BHK, but it also suffers from Chuck syndrome so far, but I think it could get better, too.

Journeyman (seen pilot) - so far, so good. I suspect this'll be then next one to be gobbled up, viewing-wise. Sadly, I think it has been cancelled.

I'm not sure where my energy went. I suspect it's post holiday fatigue.

Babysat Tigger again... she's a little love rag... doesn't seem to miss the in-laws much, as long as she's fed and petted now and again... not like clingy newt at all.

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