January 7th, 2008

psychedelikitty! (crazy newt)

9120 - Monday

Called in sick to work - made a trip to the dentist to deal with that cracked tooth.

Before my root canal, we stopped for stuffed crust pie at pizza hut - bhk and I didn't figure I'd be in the mood to eat after having my choppers done... fate was not on my side.

Unfortunately, I ordered a quepapa appetizer - one of those little tater tot things got caught in my throat, and seared the back of my esophagus. Our server tried to administer the Heimlich maneuver by grabbing me around my neck... so while I was busy trying to expel the spud that had grafted itself to my windpipe, I got to fight off a caring, yet misguided attempt at stopping me from choking by strangulation.

Hit the dentist, and he had a lot of trouble.. abscess. I got a perscription for penecillin (I didn't know that they still did that, rather than all the alternates these days...) and filled it a tthe local walgreens. BHK - not one to be outdone by my accident prone-ness, got her finger caught in a shiatzu machine there.. nothing broken, just a nasty pinch.

Bah, says we... she was fine, and we zipped past the ATW man (see below) on the way home.

got home, played a little HL2, and am now watching psych with BHK.

atw man took his tree down, and is just sort of taking in the stars tonight.

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