January 8th, 2008

scotto monkeypulse

9021 - tues jan 8

Got home tonight, and found out our water isn't draining properly. Larry came by and tried plunging, but to no avail. Tomorrow, he's bringing the snake by to take care of business.

I like that phrase... like an enforcer, "Tomorrow, the snake will take care of business".

Hm.. or something pornographic, maybe.

Not much today - Worked, a very long meeting midday. Got some solid brainstorming done, and possibly a good lead for some side help from BR.

Got home, and BHK made me veggie meatballs, salad, and best of all, surprised me with my dream cake of chocoate / chocolate with mandarin oranges as a garnish. Yumma.

A nice demo of Portal is available free to NVIDIA customers - I have an ATI video card, but I also have the full version, so I can't complain... especially since ATI gave me Half-life: deathmatch and lost coast.

Speaking of which, if anyone's looking to add me to a game buddy list (counterstrike, hl2, team fortress 2, etc... - I'm scottobear there, too.

ooh... lego batman video game. After I burn through the 13 or so titles I got for christmas, I'll have to look it up! Mario Party/Galaxy/HL2 are fine diversions until then!

Absinthe is legal again how'd I mis shearing about this? I wonder if BHK will want some green fairy now that it's officially ok in the usa? I'm not a huge fan, but she's got the tingle.

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