January 10th, 2008

blue beetle paddleball

9023 - thurs

Happy Birthday, Kat78731 (and 2 years of journaling)!

If I could, I'd get you these Victorian "Gaslight Justice League" action figures - I think that Hawkgirl and The Flash are pretty dang keen, though my fave is the simplicity of the Martian Manhunter.

BHK had to call a plumber. Shower was backing up / drain issues, turned out to be tree roots in the line, not the conspiracy theories of flushing feminine products, popsicle sticks, or live pelicans brought forth by the lanlord-in-laws. Also, no gorillas poo in our loo.

Today -


Narrowly escaped a last minute trip to bowie.

Ordered Pizza online, ate that and the last bit of dream chocolate cake.

played 1.5 seconds of portal.

Watched the first Half of Spidey 3

Wrote this

Realised it was late at heck

Tucked in for snuggles with the wiferly


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