January 13th, 2008

psychedelikitty! (crazy newt)

9026 - sun

We took it easy today, as per our usual Sunday... BHK and I woke and puttered a bit, at at The Frying Pan before heading to Aardvark's to use the gift certificate we got from the Newsies. We picked up family fluxx, my comics and a few deck boxes for our card games - with the bonus stuff for Zombie and regular fluxx, they've rather outgrown the cardboard boxes they came in. I was pleasantly surprised to see a nice display of looney labs stuff there - werewolf and and assortment of Fluxx decks is a sign of good fun.

If all goes according to plan, Bugah will be staying with us next weekend - I'll be recovering from the dentist, but playing wii and just generally goofing around should be a great time for us all. Maybe we can convert him to playing fluxx, too.

In other gaming news - Half-life 2 progressing in a fun way, slowly - about 10 min of game play each time... playing on the airboat right now. Just made it to the red barn. Total Playing time: 4 hrs past 2 weeks (all pc games, including peggle, portal, team fortress 2, counterstrike, hl2, and so on) I'm just not hardcore anymore... if I ever was. Too much fun stuff to do in meat-space - video gaming is usually what I do while I wait for BHK to get ready to go out.

We were planning on heading over get groceries and then to the in-laws to set up some trains, but we grew too fatigued, and just headed home to watch our backlog of psych episodes and began the business of packing up Christmas decor for another 11 months.

I don't even remember what I had for supper... Oh, wait, got it. Cheese crackers. I skipped the leftover spaghetti - will lunch that tomorrow.

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