January 20th, 2008

pancakes ad w scotto

9033 - sun of nutshelling

Pancake and scrambled eggs brunch at Larry & Chris's, checked out L's trains upstairs, and rooted around BHK's old bedroom and returned with salvage of wacky packages, headphones and a weight ball. Not to mention BHK's 14-wheeled skateboard. I would love to try it if I didn't fear breaking the rest of my spine.

Retired downstairs to view the last 85% of George of the Jungle.

Too dang cold outside for playing, so back to our place - fooled around with pirates, star-wars hero-type clix, and yet more wii.

Ultimate Alliance and Lego Star Wars ruled the evening.

BHK ordered us all some pizza, and then baked cookies.... nom nom nom. Did we give Bugah any veggies this weekend, aside from products containing wheat?

Watched Funny Farm & Trial of the Incredible Hulk - Bugah may've been a little frightened by the needle scene. I was pleasantly surprised that he wasn't bored by the 80's sensibilities and lack of special effects.

Hit the sack at 10:30... it's a school night for me!

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