January 21st, 2008


9034 - mon

Back to work, MLK day 0121 Or R.E.LEE day for folks too racist to even take a day off to say thanks to a black guy. (Well, Virginia's state Motto is what John Wilkes Booth shouted in the theater.)

BHK and Bug lifted me into work this morning... I said my goodbyes, as he was back in VA by the time I made it home. We had a nice time - lots of stuff to do, and good goofing off periods.

MRI came back, and I have a herniated disk - S1 level, pressing to the left {pic via gray's anatomy} - (S1 nerve impingement from a herniated disc may cause loss of the ankle reflex and/or weakness in ankle push off (e.g. patients cannot do toe rises). Numbness and pain can radiate down to the sole or outside of the foot.

I'd like this to mean that I can get repairs done to a previously thought dead area. I suspect that I may have to have surgery down the line - Still early to tell.

To counter flying_blind's wtf flickr moment - I don't know how old the news is, but I just learned that the library of congress has a flickr account. Cool, neat stuff like this made me add 'em.

I've had music by TMBG in my head all week... I Palendrome I and Birdhouse especially. Sakes, but Jay Leno has gotten gray.

KFC dinner and an omelet at the in-laws tonight... BHK made it there about 10 minutes after I arrived. Nice time, gabbing with family about this and that - got to talk to Em on the phone a bit, too! Caught Danny on Skype, too... he was watching the debate feed on CNN. Me, I'm not caring much for any of the current batch of politicos, but it looks like he's going to vote for Hillary, based on her platform.

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