January 27th, 2008


9041 - sun - return of the nutshells

Today was all about rest... rallied strength, watched feasting on asphalt (Alton Brown's tattoo looks... rather unplanned, to put it as kindly as I might) and an episode or two of monk, had BHK's  home made pizza bread and pseudo chicken strips atop a yummy, crunchy salad.

Finished off the first Harry Dresden book, and began the second.

talked to danny at 930 am about terry pratchett's alzheimers. He's pretty down about it.

slept a lot

tried hello kitty counterstrike. it's cute. I love "rat levels", where you're the size of a classic gi-joe.

Illustrator Cedric Hohnstadt has a good suggestion for artists looking to simulate graphite pencil in Photoshop. Check out his article for a link to some great (free!) pencil brushes. Read the post here

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