January 29th, 2008

1 - time goes by

9043 - Tuesday.

Yesterday, I played the demo version of Bioshock for the PC while BHK read her book after dinner. Very cool designs and vibe... my only complaint is how some of the splicers look - and that's a really small complaint. Beats watching the state of the Union Address.

Downright scary game with a pretty keen storyline and set of game-play traits. I'll probably pick it up after polishing off the Orange box.

In other news, somebody developed a free Apples to Apples online game ! That could be a lot of fun.... I'll have to invite all my A2A pals to a session. I like that you can contribute new cards. [edit - join me in game 92 - password is the name of a particular orange cat!]

Cough is worse today, went home an hour and a half early. If it keeps up, I'm probably not going to make it in tomorrow.

Best freeware discovery of the day -

Flickr Downloader enables you to download series of photos from Flickr. You can download photos by Flickr username, tags or group name, and also limit the download by image dimensions. The program can optionally create a Flash slideshow from the downloaded images that can be published on your personal website or set as screensaver. No HTML or Flash experience is needed to create the slideshow.

Earliest Back appointment was on Feb 27... Ah well. Maybe I can work out some other situation for my allergy shots, anyhow... or use the alternate doc.

William H Macy is in Re-animator 4 (House of Re-animator) ? Wha? I'm just glad that Jeffery Combs is still getting steady work from the pseudo-Lovecraft franchise.

Say hello to sweetened Cheetos[via Fark]

I suspect that they'd be pretty tasty to my palate. I do not want them instead of birthday cake.

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