February 1st, 2008

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9047 - Friday

I'd love to get this for Todd or Kevin. Kev, because he loves the ol' stratofortress.... and Todd, because he needs a way to get out of the office in style.

Me... I'd rather have a bunch of these stone pillows piled in a corner like an ogre's cave... a place to curl up and snooze comfortably.

I don't think that a white woman as president would change the world any more or less than having a black man in the office. Both *seem* like they'd be a big change, as far as the USA goes... but not so much in the international arena... but I don't think it would make such a big difference after a brief period of barking by racists and sexists... (on all sides of the fence)

Margaret Thatcher or Idi Amin, anyone? (or Aquino and Mandela, for the positive side of things) Those should prove that if anything, genitalia and skin color shouldn't mean too much regarding national leadership. There are good and bad leaders of all stripes.

When I hear that someone is voting on the basis of gender or skin tone, my mind plays a sing-song voice of "I'm voting for Joe So-and-so, because of his dreamy blue eyes".... it makes as much sense to me. This isn't friggin' American Idol... vote for the "talent", not the "style".

What happened to judging folks by the content of their character? That alone is the big reason I can't get behind Clinton. She's a good politician... but I think that by being so, she'll tell anyone what they want to hear to get elected... and she hasn't done a very good job of showing consistency on any issues I care about. Obama may be as bad or worse... but I don't have the huge pile of information like I do on Hillary. I can't in good conscience put a vote toward her... I don't even want her as VP, which I suspect she'll get.

Um.. Ann Coulter supports Clinton over Bill McCain, because McCain isn't conservative enough? Isn't that like getting an endorsement from the devil?

Slang of the moment (via BHK) - Electile Dysfunction. - The inability to become aroused over any of the choices for President put forth by either party during an election year.

Ok... enough with the politics. Waxy Monkey Frogs are awesome, and I love them.

Yikes.. Microsoft to buy Yahoo... I hope not. I've long enjoyed Y!'s style and reliability. I fear that might get lost in the shuffle. My biggest worries are for flickr.... I'm glad I found the downloader when I did.

Rainy-rain rain today. I like it.

Added bonus about tomorrow... since it's a Saturday, I didn't have to fudge anything to take the day off.

I'm fully aware of the fact that my nose will be buttered by BHK sometime tomorrow... and I don't have a chance of dodging it. I imagine that caches of grease are already placed throughout the entire county, just waiting to be used. I know it is an expression of love.

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