February 3rd, 2008

scotto and bhk - punkin patch kiss

9048 - sun

Well, the Patriots lost, but I really don't follow football. Too bad about them not having a perfect run, though.

Had tasty taco salads for belated birthday dinner tonight... quite yummy! BHK and I are mending up nicely - spent a goodly chunk of the day resting and watching America's Cutest Puppy and then Puppy Bowl IV - I did enjoy the Kitty "halftime show". Apparently, I'm a giant softie. Pye was equally fascinated to watch the real super bowl, (took some photos - to follow), so I don't feel too bad.

Birthday cake was even better than it looked - dark chocolate with white frosting. Nom.

Presents -

From BHK (in addition to yesterday's loot, wonderful dinner and cake)

From the in-laws -

all amazingly good stuff.

I was surprised that I didn't hear from Danny or the Bro this weekend... I imagine that they're caught up in other things, and will contact me this weekend.

Email-wise, I heard from Ldy, Sedef, Oneeyed and co.... I was hoping to skype, but must've been away from the computer / napped - because I missed it.

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