February 4th, 2008

boot hill

9049 - monday the 4th

Back to work, back to work. Hacked my lung like a fool at work today - that'll teach me to not bring the ol' inhaler along. It was pretty bad mid to end-day... I'm surprised nobody came around to put me out of my misery with a shovel or something.

The ride home on the subway wasn't too bad... did a lot of people take today off, to recover form the Superbowl?

Speaking of which - It looked like Jordin Sparks was lip-syncing at the Superbowl yesterday, but it could just be a delay between the audio and video but it had a prerecorded feel - she wasn't selling it... I wonder why more people haven't commented on that, and the weird stock-footage air show? Tom Petty did a good job, and everything lined up audio and video-wise. I wasn't crazy about fake fans rushing his stage... he really is turning into an old mountaineer, facially.

Dinner was eggplant lasagna... BHK made a tasty meal, despite being all sick... We're tucking into bed shortly to rest up.

The birthday cake is even better left over... sort of like a hostess cupcake with the white whipped icing as filling.

Random Thought... What is the difference between a black diamond and a lump of everyday carbon?

A sad reflection on the health of the Chesapeake Bay - 2007 Blue Crab Harvest One of Worst in Md. History - Southern Maryland Headline News
- via BHK

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