February 5th, 2008

pancakes ad w scotto

9050 - Tuesday

It's Fat Tuesday!

It's Super Tuesday !


Sakes.. it all seems so early this year. I don't have the chops to eat pancakes tonight... still feeling a bit under the weather - but I don't do lent either, so it's all good. some mini-bagels and wheat chex with blueberries is just what I needed.

JC told me about a pneumonia shot... I'd never heard of such a thing. I'm going in to see my doctor today about getting one... apparently, JC had some bronchial issues about 8 years ago, and this cleared it up to the point where she's never needed anything again.

I'm for that... I'm hitting the doc's tomorrow in Dunkirk and having a look.

Watched The Last Mimzy tonight... it was ok, but no amazing great shakes happening there. Sort of a shiny, happy 12 Monkeys for hippies and kids, but not really. It's not a bad movie overall... I think that in the right setting, and with the right people it'd be a cute way to burn 90 minutes. As it stood, it was average. Nothing amazing, nothing terrible.

Pye liked watching it with us - Newt snoozed upstairs.

I haven't had a hot dog cut like an octopus in a while... it's overdue. Maybe with some cherry pez and an episode of the Tick, for that matter.

A slice of life from North Beach, by way of BHK - I've been waiting for some mail order stuff for a while, and Danny's present hadn't arrived yet.

Just went to the post office and got the mail---there was NO package slip in the box. I was waiting for your shoes and t-shirts so I thought I'd go ask just be sure and LO and BEHOLD we had 3 packages! Danny's came on Saturday Afternoon. BUT there was a bit of controversy--2 things.

The postmaster SWORE she put a note in our box but I KNOW we didn't get one---as I was leaving the blond post lady told me that sometimes the other post lady forgets to put slips in----GLAD I asked!
ALSO there was a giant brown stain where something wet had leaked on your shoes box---luckily upon further inspection it didn't make it into the inner box but without me asking the postmaster volunteered----"Oh sorry Luther's deer blood got on your package."

I SWEAR I almost BARFED in the post office. I was like WHAT? And the postmaster explained that some dude who lives in North Beach and his son like to send meat back and forth to each other.

Last week the father got in a bit of deer meat packed in dry ice and it leaked If it hadn't been our box and I didn't have to unwrap a bloody box I would've laughed at the following conversation the two post-ladies had after they told me what was on my box.
One: "Is it legal to send meat through the mail?" (UM shouldn't she KNOW?)
Two: "Of course it is--Luther sent his son some fish back last week remember?" (GAG!!!!)
One: "Well at least your box wasn't as bad as Mrs. So-and So's Southern Living Magazine. I felt bad for her the whole thing was SOAKED in deer blood. I doubt she was able to read a page." (BAAAAAAAAAAAAAARF!)

It's not Hooterville here, I swear! Sometimes, it strikes home how different things are now than in Fort Lauderdale... and how much I prefer being on the Bay to living in SoFL.

Photo: Pilar Olivares/Reuters

Peruvian anti-riot police officers participate in a military parade to celebrate Peru’s Independence Day in Lima.

Yikes. Remind me not to riot in Lima. Heck, I'm not feeling up to rioting anytime soon.

What the heck kind of name is Ghostface Killah? An awesome one, thanks. Better than any of his other aliases, I think.

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