February 7th, 2008

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9052 - Thursday

Gung Hei Ft Choi! Happy Year of the Rat! (From a loving Earth Monkey)

BHK  made a fantastic ravioli dinner in cream sauce with peas and broccoli... nom nom nom

Nice video on the difference between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama: from Lessig on choosing candidates - well put. (via wickenden's twitter ) Transcript here. (Unrelated, but cool, he put me onto the sandy reminder service, too)

Chest issues are clearing up nicely after visiting the doc, also queried about a few other items pending on the health checklist.

Confirming times for David's visit at the end of the month. I think that we'll have fun hanging out - He's got some pals to visit in DC, too.

Say.. when'd they add terrain to google maps? I just noticed the button, looking at what drive he migh thave to do.

Read the graphic novel Superman/Batman : Absolute Power. It did nothing for me.

Synopsis: Three time travelers eliminate members of the Justice League, except for young Superman and Batman, whom they raise as their own children. Batman and Superman are raised to be dictators of the world, eliminating all opposition and killing people who would otherwise be their friends. During a fight with the Freedom Fighters the timeline is thrown into chaos, and the two men travel through alternate time lines. Darkseid makes a deal with them in one reality to send them back through time to stop the super-villains who raised them from altering history. Superman and Batman restore history, but the murders they committed haunt them.

Nah. Not for me. Even with Hex showing up and the Legion... it still didn't inspire, impress, or provoke any thought. Picked it up on impulse at the library while waiting on my prescription. I hope the Marvel Westerns book is more to my liking.

To whom it may concern - If you play CounterStrike, Team Fortress 2, Half-Life: Death match or other online type fps games, I'm scottobear on Steam. Add me to your buddy list, and I'll happily play a game with you sometime. I'd rather play with folks I know, or at least Internet-know than total strangers... more fun to put a personality to the people I'm shooting alongside or at.

Of course, if you don't like me, add me anyway, and you can either shoot me in the face in game, for maximum catharsis. No legal ramifications for killing a little avatar!

This is my kind of protest. Not violent, just a guy in a polar bear suit in a little paddle boat. Of course, sans permit, he was arrested... but not before getting a basic point across.

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