February 8th, 2008

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9053 - friday

Whoosh and bleh... I'm bushed!

Chinese food at in-laws, and watched Jane Austen Book Club... surprisingly good. BHK said it was better than the book.

Chris's B'day is on the 13th... a trip to the tea room is out, since high tea was cancelled, due to lack of interest. ah well. We'll find something else nice.

Going to try to set up a yahoo live streaming cam for newt and pye, here - http://live.yahoo.com/scottobear

we'll see how it goes. The old default one may be better for me.

Yahoo Live! is a live video streaming site that lets users broadcast to a wide audience on the web. The video performance was quite impressive when we browsed for channels to watch (make sure that you’re looking at a user that has a decent upload speed).

There are other online video broadcasting applications like Veodia or Mogulus but the sheer video performance of Yahoo Live is much better than both. Note that Mogulus as a lot more features to create your own TV channel.

Mogulus test - http://www.mogulus.com/newtcam - I like that I can leave a clip running when it's not live.

Pirates Vikings Knights II HL2 mod is out and looking sharp.. but where is my Monkey, Robot, Zombie game?

( Video overview ) - I do like the Pirate Captain's Parrot Attack.

“Cornell University researchers have succeeded in implanting electronic circuit probes into tobacco hornworms as early pupae. The hornworms pass through the chrysalis stage to mature into long-lived moths whose muscles can be controlled with the implanted electronics.”

Aieee! Zombie Cyborg Bugs! Can Deathlok be far behind?

Ah, the ol' attractive nuisance issue -

Ars Technica has an interesting article about how you could be fined $1000 if minors use your unprotected WiFi access to browse for adult material. That's a bill that is discussed in Utah.

“If you live in Orem and your next-door neighbor's kid uses your open WAP to look at pictures of naked women, you could find yourself on the hook for a $1,000 fine. Yarro thinks that's fine, telling the Tribune that people "should be responsible for their barking dogs and their Internet access."

Attractive nuisances are a strange thing.. I understand the theory, but where is the line drawn? A teenager breaks into your back porch and drowns in your pool... and you get sued by the parents sort of thing. I guess the phrase "went to reasonable lengths to prevent" will get used a lot.

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