February 9th, 2008

Newtie Yawn

9054 - sat

Standard morning - good ol' allergy shots. BHK noted that the reception area was more flirty with me than usual... I didn't think so, but I got teased by the Mrs. all the way to Maerten's, where we finally got BHK her engagement ring... 16 months after we got married! I'm happy that the designs worked out as well as they did.... The gang there were very good about the whole development process, and are always wonderful to work with. Jamie and Heather were especially caring and diligent throughout. Kudos to them!

cad development shots -


design sketches and wax molds for the gold casting


Cameraphone shot - doesn't really capture the color, but the size is there... I'll have to take a side view to show the ports better. I'm pleased at how well it goes with her wedding band.

see Dandelion Wine, chapters 28-29.

Chapter 28-29 (The Swan) — Bill Forrester, with Douglas at his side, orders lime-vanilla ice at the soda fountain. His unusual request catches the attention of ninety-five year old Helen Loomis who invites him to visit her house tomorrow. Bill complies, and he and Helen start a friendly conversation about the appearances people keep up for each other, that soon diverges into Loomis acting as a "Time Machine" similar to Colonel Freeleigh to transport Bill into the pyramids of Egypt . Bill comments on how comfortable he feels talking to her, and Helen replies by reminding him that she's only an old woman. While lounging in his chair, Bill attempts to envision her as being young again; he succeeds for a moment in seeing "the swan," which he unintentionally says out loud, strangely disquieting Helen.

Bill continues to visit Helen every day for two and a half weeks, but only on the last day does he tell her what motivated him to visit her in the first place: a photograph taken of her when she was twenty. He had seen the picture in the newspaper for the town ball and intended to go to the ball to seek the beautiful girl it showed, until someone told him that the picture had been taken a long time ago and had been used by the newspaper every year since then to advertise the ball. Helen replies with an overview of a young man she once knew in her youth who was handsome but wild and reckless; he left her, but when she saw Bill at the fountain that day, she was strongly reminded of him — almost as if he was a reincarnation of her former companion.

Some time later, Bill finds Helen writing a letter addressed to him. Helen explains to him that she will be dead in a few days, and that the letter she is writing will come to him then. When Bill attempts to protest about the lack of time they have had together, Helen says that she believes that they will meet again sometime later — possibly in reincarnated forms. She tells him to marry and live happily, but says that he has to die before the age of fifty in order to ensure that when they are reincarnated, they will be of the correct ages and be able to meet and fall in love with each other.

Two days later, Bill receives the letter. Inside it is a note reading, "A dish of lime-vanilla ice."

BHK and I timed it right.

My turn to get some goodies... we stopped off to pick up some comics at aardvark - noticed they have a lot of treehouse and a more looney labs games in stock. I picked up showcase presents - justice league of america (eyed metamorpho, and ordered jonah hex ) , new abe sapien mini series, devi for bhk, all star superman #8 w/ zibarro

Stopped off at Mexico on the way home for some veggie taquitos, and full as happy little ticks, we rolled home in order to spend much of the rest of the day in bed, reading comics and snuggled up under the covers with the kitties.

Visited the in-laws for a moment to show off the ring and just say howdy...They were going to come over later for supper, but never made it. We'll catch up with 'em tomorrow.

About 6-7pm, I got notice that the conversion to the new software at work had gone through, so I spent a few hours making sure elements were up to snuff for monday... I'm going to review it more tomorrow morning, but it was nice to get the bulk of it out of my hair this early. Sooner it's looked at, the sooner the problem spots can be removed - or so the theory goes.

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