February 10th, 2008

bugs bunny - system shock

9056 - sun

Got up bright and early to take care of more work stuff.. got it off of my plate by 10 am. Newton and Pyewacket hung out in the office with me, bringing soothing purrs and general cuteness to assist with the pretty boring machinations of general purpose analysis. (See cam picture posted earlier)

Once that was done, BHK and I crawled back into bed for more cool-weather Sunday snuggles. Both the boys have beens snoozing in the bed with us lately... warmest spot in the house, without a doubt.

At about 1ish, we finally got up and at 'em... invited the in-laws to Cheeburger Cheeburger. While BHK was in the shower, I installed an updated firewall on my system... it gave me a few hair-pulling moments, but managed to get it working before we headed out. What should've been a "click-click done" was more of a "expletive expletive click click click click click click expletive done" sort of thing.

Cheeburger^2 was nice... even nicer that the in-laws insisted on paying, even though we invited them! Veggie burger, frings and a chocolate-cherry shake for me! (BHK had similar, but her veggie burger was teriyaki with pineapple - mine was more standard lettuce, onion ring, cheddar, honey mustard, pickle combo)

Swung by ATW on the way home, and he's all ready for valentine's day!


He's holding a rose in his teeth, wearing a beret and a striped shirt, holding a heart shaped box. what a romantic!

My back was seizing a bit this weekend but is feeling better tonight. We watched the pilot and following episode of Eli Stone upstairs... not bad - depending on how the writing continues, it could be excellent or peter out. Not a bad framing device for morality / guidance tales sort.

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