February 11th, 2008


9056 - mon

Big wins of the day - I had a leftover birthday macaroon tupperware-sealed in my desk in the office! Nice treat for mid-afternoon.. still moist and delicious. Added bonus, going out for Monday night half-price falafel night after work with BHK and the in-laws - with special guest Adam!

Adam seems to be adjusting to living in an apartment near campus quite nicely... better place than I had in school, for sure... private bedroom with a private bathroom. I think he's adapting to a land full of college age girls very happily.

We picked up 8 new dress shirts and a pair of sweat pants at Value City for under $60. I still don't know how BHK's shopper-sense works, but I'm glad she uses it for the powers of good, rather than evil.

Got an hour or so of TF2 in before bed... tried to play with Helen and Mattie, but their server was maxed at 32.... I'm discovering that I like playing the medic and the scout.

I can't believe that I never knew that there is (soon to be "was" come 2009) Library of Congress police force.

The Library of Congress police force were formed in 1950 as an unarmed force that was designated to control entry and exit procedures for the library and its tunnels that connect the buildings to the rest of the Capitol complex. As of 1987, the LOC police have carried guns.

Note to self - Legit, free downloads of ancient games I never got around to playing when they cost money. Maybe my rickety old laptop will run 'em comfortably? Wild metal!

also, favorite freebie little game of the nanosecond - Shift. Clever little thing. I dig it - once I find a way to port it to the palmtop, woe is my value on my commute home!

Wow... quite a turnout re: Anonymous vs Scientology. interesting pictures. shots from the DC protest.

Supporters of Anonymous, the loosely organized group of internet activists who have attacked the Church of Scientology recently with videos and server hacks, appeared outside D.C.'s Founding Church of Scientology center on Sunday. The protest was part of a planned "global day of action" with the stated purpose of setting off a government investigation into how Scientology got tax-exempt status.

The Feb. 10 protests, which took place in dozens of cities, were initially announced last month after a video attributed to Anonymous coincided with an online effort that managed to temporarily knock out servers belonging to the Church of Scientology. The date was chosen for the protest because Feb. 10 was the birthday of Lisa McPherson, who died of a pulmonary embolism in 1995 under the care of a branch of the Church of Scientology. (via DCist)

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