February 13th, 2008

Kind lady

9058 - weds

I need to call Val and wish her a good b'day... also the mom-in-law's birthday. We went to Mama Lucia's, and then back to headquarters for cake and gifts. She got Becoming Jane, the Jane Austen Book Club, a box of girl scout trefoils, and a load of mushy cards.

Power went out this morning, but was back on by 6ish. Lots of high winds and cold... another ice storm on the way late tonight? The roads weren't as bad tonight as yesterday.

Crime scene template... I covet it, and want to get one for BHK. I was amused by the inclusion of nun-chucks.

Cool history of the moment - The Cadaver Synod - Pope Stephen VI, consecrated in 896, ordered the rotting corpse of his predecessor, Pope Formosus, be exhumed and put on trial for various crimes against the church. Poor bastard was nine-months dead when they dug him up. Stephen dressed the ripe stiff in papal robes, propped it up in a chair, and proceeded to scream unintelligibly at it for several hours in front of a rapt audience. Afterwards, Formosus was declared guilty and his body was dragged through the streets of Rome, then thrown into the river Tiber. Not surprisingly, the morbid spectacle turned public opinion against Stephen. Rumors spread that the dead pontiff had washed up on the banks of the Tiber and was performing miracles. Stephen VI was eventually deposed and strangled to death in prison.

- Coilhouse was kind enough to remind me.

The only game idea better than velociraptor safari (you're a velociraptor tooling around in a jeep, trying to run over raptors with a ball and chain hanging from the back of the vehicle) is jetpack brontosaurus. (Self explanatory.)

I heard the state of Virginia referred to as "Vajayjay" on the bus tonight, talking about weathe rand not getting to vote in time. That's just got to stop, or my brain will explode. Oh, the pain. The pain!

Speaking of voting, I want to remind myself in the future of something. I'm not happy with *any* of our current candidates. Hillary is the most evil, but that doesn't mean that I'm Obama's big fanboy. He's just not as bad as she is. McCain is the least evil on the republican side, I feel... not that it's hard to be the least evil in that batch.

I'm glad that the polls in Maryland stayed open an extra 90 minutes to allow for everyone stuck in the wet traffic yesterday.

The creepiest person you've gamed with. There's a reason I'm picky about gamer pals. The story of Jack. Not for the squeamish. I can honestly say that to the best of my knowledge, they've all gotten up to use the restroom.

Thread stats here for more etc. I've mentioned some folks I've encountered over the years.

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