February 15th, 2008

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9060 - fri

BHK got me a bag of creme de menthe Hershey's kisses. A large quantity of them currently reside in my Jonas Green Skull and Crossbones mug.
(Green was a troublemaker. He hated the Stamp Act, which among other things directly taxed his newspaper. Refusing to pay, he halted publication of his paper with the protest headline "The Maryland Gazette Expiring: In Uncertain Hopes of a Resurrection to life again."

In the bottom right corner, he placed a skull and crossbones where the tax stamp should have been.)

They may be my favorite flavor of Hershey's kiss yet. Green foil is an added bonus.

Date night tonight with BHK - we went to DuClaw, and she had a spinach salad, while I ate a pile of bread, cheese and potato-related items.

Toe The Line (Not Tow the line ) - That's ok... I got Piss and Vinegar wrong... I confused it with the incorrect Pith and Vinegar.

I've just upgraded to ATi Catalyst suite version 8.1 and now a small white square a few pixels across in the upper left hand corner of the screen - I thought it was stuck pixels at first, but later discovered that it goes away when I remove the Catalyst icon from the system tray.

I'll be interested to see if 8.2 remedies the issue. EDIT: maybe- A white dot no longer appears on the windows desktop when launching the Catalyst Control Center. However, this issue may still be experienced under the Windows XP operating system. Further details can be found in topic number 737-31715

No big whoop - it was a pretty easy item to track down.

meme time!

1. What is the geekiest part of your music collection?
Hm.. silly mashups of Gwen Stefani / Queen, or any all of They Might Be Giants.

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